Bina Otomasyon Sistemi

 Why do we use the building automation system?Bina Otomasyon

  • Establishment of comfort conditions in controlled areas  like zone temperature, humidity, light intensity, air quality, usage water temperature adjustment etc.
  • Energy Saving: Automatic adjustment of water-air temperature, light intensity, on-off times, calculation of energy consumption
  • Routine Operation Controls: Creation of daily, weekly, hourly device on-off programs, ensuring the equal wear of the devices by sequential operation,
  • Preventive Maintenance and System Continuity: Monitoring the life of consumable and spare parts of electromechanical systems, keeping minimum spare parts in stocks, writing work orders in case of failure, detection of frequently defective systems
  • Elimination of human error and reduction of staff cost: Reduction of errors, unnecessary energy consumption and labor, efficient use of resources with minimum human intervention

The systems which are controlled

  • Boilers and heating systems
  • Chillers
  • Air handling units (AHUs)
  • Exhaust, supply and pressurization fans
  • Pumps
  • Heat exchangers
  • Mechanical equipment (Fan Coil, VRV, VAV etc.)
  • Water storage and supply systems, elevators, generators, compressors, water treatment, package devices

Project design and implementation

When you apply to our company, the following works are done to apply the most appropriate system for your plant;

  1. The current electro-mechanical system at your plant is inspected and the demands for automation are determined
  2. The need for integration with other systems in the building automation system such as CCTV, fire alarm, card access, elevator, industrial automation, etc. and its level is determined.
  3. Automation scenarios are created.
  4. When the solution is decided, application projects are prepared, engineering, programming, graphic design, assembly and programming works are completed and training personnel are trained your staff and delivered to the system.
  5. In the initial phase, our engineers supervise the operation of the system, complete the system operators' training deficiencies and perform minor software revisions if necessary.
  6. After your systems are activated, our technical service teams are at your command for your maintenance and service requirements.





When the energy prices rise, more attention should be paid to understanding and optimizing the energy costs of buildings. HVAC systems (eg, air handling units, heat generators or coolers) are the largest energy consumers that make up almost 50% of the total energy costs in buildings.


Honeywell CentraLine offers a comprehensive range of HVAC plant controllers that optimize the energy consumption and equipment life of your heating installations, coolers and air handling units. The comprehensive application for heating, ventilation, air conditioning and cooling solutions provides up to 30% energy savings using pre-tested, highly efficient algorithms.

CentraLine's building management solutions include intelligent integration devices that integrate all systems transparently and can be used in parallel with HVAC systems.

CentraLine solutions (HVAC plant controllers and integration devices) are offered with open protocol support and easy graphical programming of energy efficient control strategies. Modbus helps you understand the energy consumption of your building with support from M-BUS, LONWORKS or pulse meters, and offers direct web access even when used without an inspection system.

Smart field devices such as VFDs, energy meters, sensors, valves and actuators play a key role in the efficiency of HVAC systems.



The purpose of room control is to provide a comfortable environment for users with the lowest possible energy consumption. More than temperature control  is required to provide a comfortable environment. Depending on the needs of the building, indoor air quality and / or humidity control, maintaining the desired light level, glare or shading, or providing different light colors depending on room usage may also be included in this scope. In order to avoid unnecessary heating, cooling and lighting energy consumption, controlling room conditions based on actual demand plays a key role in minimizing energy consumption.

Another key factor is ease of use. Users want a consistent user interface that covers the entire room, not many inconsistent user interfaces for different equipment. It is also important to provide a pleasant and harmonious room design. Therefore, the amount of sensor and user interface must be kept to a minimum and conform to the room design.


CentraLine offers a comprehensive set of configurable room controllers for different HVAC room applications (eg fan heaters, ceiling cooling, hydronic heating or VAV applications). For specific customer requirements, CentraLine also offers a free range of freely programmable room controllers that compansate every room configuration requirement.

With CentraLine's intelligent integration platform HAWK or EAGLEHAWK, room control via the KNX, DALI or wireless EnOcean protocol can easily be expanded to include wired light and visor control. For hotel applications, HAWK uses the Fidelio protocol to communicate with the room reservation system, saving energy for non-booked rooms.



Special applications are performed in critical room environments requiring precise, stable and extremely fast control of air flow and pressure conditions. Critical room environments;

  • Operating rooms or clean rooms (controlled high pressure) where pressure conditions from which outside bacteria or pollutant particles cannot penetrate from outside areas
  • Stations where low-pressure quarantine stations or hazardous materials are processed so that dangerous substances cannot escape from the controlled area
  • There may be labs with hoods that require immediate extraction of hazardous gases and immediate monitoring of the overall exhaust and additional air to protect the correct pressure when the lid is opened


Phoenix Controls Venturi valves and controllers provide proven solutions to keep air pressure within defined limits in critical applications. All Phoenix Controls solutions work integrated with CentraLine systems.

Different integration points can be applied to different application scenarios and system sizes. Traccel and Theris controllers can be integrated directly using HAWK or CentraLine BMS system via LON or BACnet.