Aydınlatma Otomasyon Sistemi

The main purpose of the facilities is to control the internal and external lighting systems according to time, ambient light intensity, frequency of use and to provide savings and full control in operating costs. One of the most important ways of increasing the profitability of the facilities in increasing competition conditions is to reduce the energy expenses which are a significant part of the expenses. It is estimated that 20% of the electricity energy used in our country is used for lighting.


After the integration of HVAC systems, the highest part of the energy bills of commercial buildings is lighting expenses. These systems offer a wide range of savings opportunities. Modern lighting solutions are not only offer the management of light levels only. Also offer adapting the "color temperature" of the light color or light (eg warm or cool white) helps to perfectly adapt the lighting solution to users' needs and moods and the design of the room. With an integrated strategy for intelligent sunshade control, the savings potential significantly increases: In winter, the collection of sunlight helps save heating energy, while in the summer smart shading helps to save cooling energy.


Lighting automation is widely applied in the following facilities.

  • Production and storage solutions
  • Office buildings
  • Shopping mall and fairgrounds
  • Stations
  • Hospitals
  • Airports